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HMT140 User Guide

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HMT140 operates in 2 modes: Config mode and Transmitter mode.

Config mode

When HMT140 is powered on, and HMT140 Configuration Cable is connected to it, HMT140 connects to the network for about 2 seconds and then goes to sleep. When new activity occurs, HMT140 will wake again, connect, then go back to sleep after 5 seconds.

Transmitter mode

When HMT140 is powered on and HMT140 Configuration Cable is not plugged into it, data is transmitted according to the transmit settings.

In Transmitter mode, HMT140 spends most of its time in a very low power state (sleep) to save battery power. When a transmit period is due, it powers up the radio, attempts to link to the specified wireless network, transmits its data and then goes back to sleep. HMT140 transmits based on the configured transmit period or when it is entering an alarm state.