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HMT140 User Guide

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Before mounting HMT140, consider the environment. It is recommended that wireless devices be mounted in an area with a minimum of wireless interference.

  • If you plan to install a device without an LCD in a dark or low-light area, a high-traffic area, or an area with a solid object situated within 10 cm  (3.9 in) of the front of the device, you may want to turn off the proximity sensor to avoid triggering unnecessary transmissions (see Modify transmission settings).
  • To ensure consistent communications and data transfer to Vaisala viewLinc, limit interference from solid structures or wireless/microwave radiation. For additional guidance, please contact Vaisala.
If mounting against a metal surface, be sure to keep a minimum of 2 mm (0.08 in) between the metal and the back of HMT140 to ensure an uninterrupted radio signal.
  1. Open the HMT140 cover.
  2. Make sure that HMT140 is correctly aligned and attach it directly to the wall with up to 4 screws (not included in the package).

    Select the size and type of the fastening screws according to the wall material (for example, wood or stone). The diameter of the fastening screws is typically between 3.5 and 4 mm (0.14 and 0.16 in). Refer to the drilling template in HMT140 Quick Guide.

Figure 1. Mounting diagram
Vaisala strongly recommends you to use all 4 screws; however, the HMT140 enclosure fastening holes are initially covered with a thin plastic membrane, so less than 4 screws could also be used without sacrificing the ingress protection (IP) class of the enclosure.