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After you install HMT140 Utility software and set up HMT140, use HMT140 Configuration Cable and HMT140 Utility software to connect and configure HMT140 to your network.

To avoid depleting the battery power too quickly, make sure that your network is on-line and available before configuring your device.

The following steps provide you with standard network settings. To set specific settings depending on your network configuration, see Custom settings.

Follow the steps carefully. Do not connect HMT140 Configuration Cable to the HMT140 configuration port unless HMT140 Configuration Cable is connected to a computer USB port, the batteries are installed, and the power switch is in the ON position.

To configure HMT140 for your network with standard settings:

  1. Make sure that the HMT140 cover is open and the correct batteries are installed.
  2. Turn on HMT140 and wait 5 seconds to make sure the startup process completes.
  3. Plug the USB connector in HMT140 Configuration Cable to the computer, if it is not already connected.
  4. From the Start menu, open HMT140 Utility software.
  5. Connect the end of HMT140 Configuration Cable labeled USB Wi-Fi Programmer to the 4-pin HMT140 CONFIG header.
  6. On the HMT140 Utility Setup tab, click Retrieve to identify HMT140.

    The bottom left status bar will initially read Looking for sensor or USB programmer, then, once HMT140 is identified, the status bar will read Found USB Programmer.

  7. Click Retrieve again to force retrieval of current settings. The connected type is identified in the upper right corner of the Setup tab window.

    The status bar is located at the bottom of the HMT140 Utility window. It contains the following panels:

    • Left panel: Displays HMT140 Configuration Cable status: Found USB Programmer or Looking for USB Programmer.
    • Middle panel: Displays progress messages of the different actions: Update, Retrieve, Status, and Info.
    • Right panel: Displays a message when the parameters on the Setup page have been modified and require saving.
  8. If the IP address is static, uncheck the IP Address Dynamically Assigned option and enter the network parameters. Otherwise leave this option checked.

    For additional IP address settings information see, Check transmission status.

  9. Enter the parameters for the WLAN (wireless LAN router settings).
  10. Enter the Destination IP address/name and port number of the host (viewLinc server settings).
    If you do not know the information required, request these parameters from your network administrator.
  11. Click the Sensor tab and select a Transmit Period Time and number of Tries, or accept the default settings.
  12. Click Update. HMT140 Utility will configure HMT140.
  13. Select the Status tab to check that the settings appear as configured. Click Get if the settings do not appear automatically.
  14. Disconnect HMT140 Configuration Cable from HMT140 and wait for 8 seconds.
  15. Press the SERVICE button on HMT140.

    Optional: Enter a name for the saved settings on the Setup tab in the Saved Settings field, and click the disk icon to save.

    To configure custom settings for HMT140, see Custom settings.