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HMT140 User Guide

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To locate additional networks:

  1. On the Setup tab, on the Network page, click the Find Networks button to scan for all available wireless networks. HMT140 Utility displays details about the currently available networks: SSID: SSID of the access point or router (wireless channel).
    • MAC: MAC address of the access point or router.
    • Channel: Channel of the access point or router.
    • Security: Security setting of the access point or router. Note that some security settings will not work with HMT140.
    • RSSI: Current signal strength.
  2. To select a network, click on the row in the Available Networks window, then click OK. HMT140 Utility automatically places the network settings information in the appropriate fields in the Setup tab.
During the Find Networks operation, HMT140 is disconnected from the current network. To reconnect, either click Update on the Setup tab or click Restart on the Status tab.