Mounting specifications for EHEDG certified PR‑43‑AP configuration - PR-43-AC - PR-43-AP

PR-43-AC/AP User Guide

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Vaisala offers certain PR‑43‑AP configurations which have been certified to fulfill the sanitary requirements published by EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) organization. During this certification the hygienic characteristics of both the refractometer and the process connection were evaluated against the applicable requirements.

To ensure EHEDG compliant installation, follow the mounting specifications provided on the mounting drawing supplied by Vaisala with each PR‑43‑AP refractometer ordered with the ‑EH option.

Figure 1. EHEDG certified PR‑43‑AP. The following figure shows an example of such mounting guideline.
Table 1. EHEDG certified PR-43-AP
No. Name Material Supplied by Qty
1 Refractometer PR-43-AP AISI316L Vaisala 1
2 4 in sanitary clamp AISI304 Vaisala 1
3 EHEDG certified sanitary gasket 4 in ISO-2852 Vaisala 1
4 4 in sanitary ferrule AISI316L Vaisala 1
5 Customer pipe/vessel AISI316L Customer 1
For an installation that complies to EHEDG guideline 10, the distance a must be shorter than the diameter b.
For other installation specifications, see the web address: