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The following table lists the standard and optional specifications for the PR-43-AC refractometer.

Table 1. PR-43-AC specifications


Standard Optional

Refractometer PR‑43‑A models

PR-43-AC compact model for small pipelines.

Refractive index range

Full range, nD = 1.3200 … 1.5300 corresponds to hot water…100 Brix or % by weight. nD 1.2600 … 1.4700.


Across the full range of 0-100 Brix: Refractive index nD ±0.0002 corresponds typically to ±0.1 Brix or % by weight

High accuracy version -HAC in the range of 0-30 Brix and +4 … +30 °C (+39 … +86 °F):

  • ±0.05 Brix or % by weight.
  • ±0.02 Brix or % by weight (in set-point applications).
Repeatability Across the full range of 0-100 Brix: nD ±0.00004 (corresponds typically to ±0.02 Brix or % by weight).

Speed of response

1 s undamped, damping time selectable up to 5 min


With NIST traceable Cargille standard R.I. liquids over full range


No mechanical adjustments and digital measurement with 3648 pixel CCD element, sodium D-line LED built-in Pt-1000 temperature sensor (linearization according to IEC 751)

Temperature compensation

Automatic, digital compensation

Instrument verification

With NIST traceable Cargille standard R.I. liquids and guided procedure, including a printable verification report

Process connection

Sanitary clamp 2.5 in; Varinline® in‑line access unit clamp DN65 or using elbow flow cell (for line sizes of 2.5 in and smaller)

Hygienic design certification 3-A Sanitary Standard 46-04 certified and EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) Type EL Class I certified.

Process pressure

Sanitary clamp max. 15 bar (200 psi) at +20 °C (+70 °F) / 9 bar (125 psi) at +120 °C (+250 °F)

High pressure sanitary clamp HP 40 bar

Process temperature

−40 … +130 °C (−40 … +266 °F)

Ambient temperature

−40 … +45 °C (−40 … +113 °F)
Process wetted parts AISI 316L stainless steel, sapphire prism, prism gasket modified PTFE (Teflon), gasket EPDM for Sanitary 3‑A and ISO2852 type EHEDG certified gasket for EHEDG certified refractometers. Alloy C276
Refractometer protection class IP67, Type 4X
Refractometer weight 1.6 kg (3.5 lbs)
Current output Isolated 4-20 mA, max. load 1000 Ω, galvanic isolation 1000 V DC or AC (peak), hold function during prism wash.
Remote and Ethernet connections 10/100 BaseT Ethernet, web server for configuration and diagnostics, UDP/IP Protocol connection for data acquisition.
Power supply +24 V DC ±10 %, max. 2 VA
Interconnecting cables Standard length 10 m (33 ft). Cable maximum length 50 m (164 ft)