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The probe refractometer PR‑43‑AP is primarily designed for mounting in a tank wall. To ensure that the measurement is representative and that the prism stays clean, install the probe close to a stirrer.

Probe refractometer type PR‑43‑AP‑H25 is connected to the process by a 63.5 mm (2.5 in) sanitary clamp.

For higher process (or ambient) temperature, use instead a flush mounted refractometer, where the electronics in the refractometer head are farther away from the process heat.
Figure 1. Insertion of probe refractometer PR‑43‑AP‑H25

The refractometer type PR‑43‑AP‑T10‑L00 is flush mounted using a sanitary APV tank bottom flange. The refractometer can be flush mounted in the side wall, which allows the use of a scraper. It is also easily installed through a steam jacket.

Figure 2. Flush mounting probe refractometer PR‑43‑AP‑T10‑L100
Table 1. Flush mounting probe refractometer PR-43-AP-T10-L100
No. Name Material Supplied by Qty
1 Refractometer PR‑43‑AP‑T10‑L00

AISI 316 L

Vaisala 1
2 Bolt M8x12 A4 DIN931

AISI 316 L

Vaisala/Customer 4
3 APV gasket MT4 DN25/1T EPDM Vaisala 1
4 MT4 DN25/1T APV tank bottom flange

AISI 316 L

Vaisala/Customer 1
5 Pipe/Vessel/Steam jacket

AISI 316 L

Customer 1