Prism wash types - PR-43-AC - PR-43-AP

PR-43-AC/AP User Guide

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There are 3 alternative wash media that can be used for prism wash:

  • Steam
  • Water
  • High pressure water

Relay modules in a Multichannel user interface MI can be configured to control the prism wash cycle. For more information, see Multichannel User Interface MI User Guide, chapter "Module cards" and chapter "Prism wash".

In food industry applications, the wash medium must be culinary steam or safe water. The shut‑off valve and check valve must meet 3‑A sanitary standards.

Culinary steam: Steam that is produced using a system meeting criteria in the 3-A Accepted Practices for a Method of Producing Steam of a Culinary Quality, Number 609.

Safe Water: Water from a supply that is properly located, protected, and operated, and that is of safe, sanitary quality. The water must meet the standards prescribed in the National Primary Drinking Water Regulation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as referenced in The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 40, Parts 141, 142, and 143.