3-A Sanitary Standard compliance - PR-43-AP - PR-43-AC

PR-43-AC/AP User Guide

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Ensure that the refractometer is not a source of contamination to the product due to damaged or worn product contact surfaces. Misuse (for example, excessive prism wash time or wash pressure) or mishandling may result in metal scratches or roughened surfaces. Such surfaces may not stay clean in processing.

Vaisala offers a 3‑A Sanitary Standard Accepted repair and maintenance package in which all wetted parts, prism, gaskets and dryer are replaced.

This repair service can be completed only by a 3‑A authorized service center (Vaisala factory or regional headquarters).
Figure 1. Mounting with sanitary ferrule, pipe diameter 80 mm (3 in) or more EHEDG certified configuration

The following table lists the parts in the figure above and the materials of the mounting hardware.

Table 1. Mounting materials
Number Item Material Quantity
1 Sensor PR-43-AC 1
2 Sanitary ferrule 65 mm (2.5 in) ISO 2852

AISI 316 L

3 Sanitary gasket 65 mm (2.5 in) ISO2852 type EHEDG certified 1