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Vaisala Insight PC software is a configuration software for Vaisala Indigo-compatible probes and transmitters. Insight is available for the Windows operating system (64-bit only). For a full list of supported operating system versions, see
To ensure support for your transmitter, download the latest version of Insight at

With the Insight PC software, you can:

  • See real-time measurements and device and status information
  • Configure outputs and relays
  • Configure serial communication (for example, Modbus) settings
  • Configure the transmitter settings (for example, display mode)
  • Calibrate and adjust the probe connected to the transmitter

Indigo200 transmitters can be connected to Insight PC software with a standard USB-C cable (type C to A or type C to C). For instructions on connecting the transmitter to Insight, see Connecting to Insight PC software.

Note that the USB cable connection to Insight is only intended for temporary use during configuration, and must not be used for permanent installations. The IP rating and EMC properties of the transmitter can be affected when the USB port is open.
To connect the Indigo transmitter to Vaisala Insight PC software with a USB cable, you must have the Vaisala USB Device driver installed on your PC.