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Figure 1. Connecting Indigo200 transmitter to Insight PC software with USB-C cable
Required tools:
  • Computer with a Microsoft Windows® operating system (64-bit version), Vaisala Insight PC software, and Vaisala USB Device driver installed
  • USB cable with a USB-C (type C to A or type C to C) connector (available as an accessory, a generic cable can also be used)
Note that the USB cable connection to Insight is only intended for temporary use during configuration, and must not be used for permanent installations. The IP rating and EMC properties of the transmitter can be affected when the USB port is open.

You can connect the Indigo200 transmitter to Vaisala Insight PC software with any generic USB cable that has a USB-C connector. The Insight software can be downloaded at Using Indigo200 transmitters with Insight software requires the Vaisala USB Device driver.

For an overview of the Insight PC software configuration and monitoring options for Indigo200, see Insight PC software overview.

To connect the transmitter to Insight PC software:

  1. Verify that you have the Vaisala USB Device driver installed on your computer. For instructions, see Installing Vaisala USB Device driver.
  2. Open the Insight software on your PC.
  3. Connect the USB cable to a free USB port on the PC.
  4. Open the protective cover of the right-hand port on the front of the transmitter, and connect the USB cable to the USB-C connector.
  5. In transmitter models with a display, the USB connection icon (see Figure 1) appears on the top right corner of the transmitter display when the USB cable connection is active.
  6. Wait for Insight software to detect the device.
You can also temporarily power the transmitter through your computer with the USB cable when using Insight. Note that certain probe functionalities that increase the power supply requirements, such as purge or heating, may affect the Insight connection when powering the transmitter only through the USB connection. If the probe connected to the transmitter has a purge or heating feature, do not use the temporary USB powering option.