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CAUTION Only connect compatible measurement devices to the transmitter. Attempting to connect incompatible devices or cables can damage the equipment. Refer to transmitter specifications for compatibility information.
If you want to configure the probe settings, such as purge interval, you must do that before attaching the probe to the transmitter. To configure the probe, you can use the free Vaisala Insight PC software. For more information, see your probe's user guide and visit

You can replace probes both when transmitter power is on and when it is off. There is no need to disconnect any wires from the transmitter; just detach the probe from the probe cable connector (5-pin M12).

The measurement parameters and outputs will behave differently depending on whether the new probe's parameters are the same as the parameters of the old probe:

  • If you replace a probe with a new one that has the same measurement parameters as the removed probe, the transmitter will continue to show those measurements once it detects the new probe. Outputs will give an error notification, which will disappear when the new probe is detected.
  • If you replace a probe with a new one that has different measurement parameters as the removed probe, you need to reconfigure the measurement parameters and outputs for the new probe.