Installing Vaisala USB Device driver - INDIGO200SERIES - INDIGO202 - SWINSIGHT10

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The Vaisala USB Device driver only supports Windows® operating systems.

  1. Connect your USB-C cable to the Indigo transmitter USB port, and the connect the USB cable to a USB port on a PC that has Insight PC software installed. Windows® detects the new device and installs the appropriate driver.
  2. Open Device Manager from the Windows® Start menu. Use search to find it if necessary (search for "device").
  3. Locate the Vaisala USB device in the Device Manager list of devices :
    • If the device is listed as Vaisala USB Device with a COM port number in brackets, the driver is ready for use.
    • If the device is listed as Vaisala USB Instrument Cable without a COM port number listed, you must install the driver manually.
  4. To install the driver manually:
    1. Disconnect the USB cable from the computer.
    2. Download the Vaisala USB device driver at (look for USB Instrument Driver Setup for cables).
    3. Extract the driver zip file and run the USB driver installation program Vaisala USB Device Driver Setup.exe. Accept the installation defaults.
    4. Go back to 1 and verify that the driver installation works as expected.