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CL61 Installation Guide

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The power supply must be protected with a fuse. The maximum sizes of the fuses protecting the power line:
  • 10 A for 230 V supply
  • 15 A for 120 V supply
WARNING Only licensed experts may install electrical components. Ensure that mains-connected equipment, power supplies, and installation accessories adheres to local and state legislation and regulations.
WARNING Take precautions before installation. Check that the instrument has not been damaged during transportation. Do not connect the instrument to the AC mains and do not carry out electrical tests before you have made sure that it is safe to power up the instrument.
WARNING Make sure that you prepare or connect only de-energized wires.
WARNING Keep away from live circuits. Operating personnel must observe safety regulations at all times.
WARNING Do not replace components when the system is powered up. Disconnect all power sources before performing maintenance procedures.
WARNING Do not operate in an explosive atmosphere, for example, when flammable gases or fumes are present. Operation of electrical equipment in such an environment constitutes a safety hazard.
WARNING Make sure that nobody is viewing the unit from the beam direction with magnifying optics.
CAUTION Always use the specified cables. The wrong type of cable can damage sensors or the system.
CAUTION Do not damage or change the wiring. Incorrect wiring can cause damage and prevent or limit operation.
CAUTION Make sure that the grounding wire is longer than the phase and neutral wires. Under mechanical stress, the grounding wire must be the last to disconnect from the protective ground terminal.
To prevent electrostatic discharge, avoid touching component contacts or connectors.
  1. Before powering the ceilometer, open the transportation lock from the polarization unit.
    Transportation lock
  2. Connect the power cable.
  3. On the interface unit (front of the ceilometer), turn the mains switch ON.

    Check that the power supply status is OK (DC power light is green).

    Mains switch
    DC power status light