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CL61 Installation Guide

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After setting up the SFTP server, verify data retrieval in CLI.
  1. To check the status, type the status command in CLI.

    A correctly set status does not include warnings in Reporting destination or Data sending. The following is an example status:

    Data communication
      Measurement                     :0: OK
      Reporting destination           :0: OK
      Data generation                 :0: OK 0 files, status code 111
      Data sending                    :0: OK 0
  2. Using an SSH/SFTP client, go to the location specified in Creating folder to SFTP server.
  3. Confirm that netCDF files are generating to this location.
    • Default sending interval is 5 minutes, a new file every 5 minutes.
    • Default naming is live_<yyyymmdd>_<hhmmss>.nc.

    The reporting parameters start with default values.

    For more information on configuring parameters, as well as the netCDF file structure and contents, see CL61 User Guide (M212475EN).

  4. Open a file and verify the data.

    Use your preferred netCDF reader, for example Vaisala BL-View or Panoply (open source software made by NASA).

Table 1. Troubleshooting
Problem Probable cause Actions
Data is not coming through. SSH is not enabled. Check that SHH is enabled. Contact your IT department.
Wrong server key used. Check that you have the host key of the SFTP server, not the (user/client) public key.
Measurement unit is not operational. Check that you have removed the transportation lock inside the measurement unit.
Wrong hash used. Check the hash. Configuring data sender
No access to server. Check server log files.