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CL61 Installation Guide

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This product has been tested for safety. Note the following precautions:

WARNING Failure to comply with these precautions or with specific warnings elsewhere in these instructions violates safety standards of design, manufacture, and intended use of the product. Vaisala assumes no liability for the customer's failure to comply with these requirements.
WARNING If the equipment is used in a manner not specified by Vaisala, the protection provided by the equipment may be impaired.
WARNING Do not substitute parts or modify the system, or install unsuitable parts in the system. Improper modification can damage the product or lead to malfunction.
WARNING Do not operate in an explosive atmosphere, for example, when flammable gases or fumes are present. Operation of electrical equipment in such an environment constitutes a safety hazard.
WARNING Do not perform installation or maintenance procedures when there is a risk of thunderstorm or lightning activity in the area.
WARNING Do not service the system alone. Do not reach into parts and assemblies that are AC (mains) powered and live except in the presence of someone who can provide first aid.
WARNING Only qualified maintenance personnel may perform maintenance procedures. Make sure unauthorized persons cannot access the work area during service operations.
WARNING Only licensed experts may install electrical components. They must adhere to local and state legislation and regulations.
WARNING Follow local and state legislation and regulations on occupational safety.
WARNING Make sure that you prepare or connect only de-energized wires.
WARNING Do not replace components when the system is powered up. Disconnect all power sources before performing maintenance procedures.
WARNING After disconnecting the power cable, dangerous voltages can exist for some time. To avoid injury, disconnect the power and discharge circuits before touching them.
WARNING To avoid injuries and to avoid damaging the instrument, do not place a ladder or similar against the instrument.
WARNING To avoid exposure to hazardous radiation, do not make any adjustments or perform any procedures other than those specified in this document.
WARNING Do not look directly into the transmitter with magnifying optics (such as glasses, binoculars, and telescopes).