CLI command reference - AQT530

AQT530 Configuration Guide

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The commands are for use in a standard terminal program (command-line interface, CLI).

Table 1. List of commands
Command Description Reference
date [<YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss>] Prints or changes current date and time. Setting date (date command)
initconf --really Loads default configuration, including:
  • Communication settings
  • Configuration and linear correction
Restoring default configuration (initconf command)
lpc --info Shows LPC module information, including:
  • Serial number
  • Firmware version
Printing LPC information (lpc command)
meas [--metric--ppb--nolpc]

Outputs current measurements:

  • Gas measurements with linear correction in metric (μg/m3) units
  • Gas measurements with linear correction in parts per billion (ppb) units
  • Gas measurements without linear correction in parts per million (ppm) units
Printing measurements and changing measurement output unit (meas command)
motd Clears screen and prints a welcome banner. Clearing screen (motd command)
reboot --really Restarts the device.

If gas cells are in use, rebooting the device restarts the 24 hour stabilization time.

Restarting device (reboot command)
set <parameter>= <value> Changes a configuration parameter. Changing configuration parameter (set command)
show <parameter> Prints the value of a configuration parameter. Printing value of configuration parameter (show command)
status Prints the device status and possible reason. Printing device status (status command)
uname [-a] Prints the Unix name of the system (short or long name). Printing Unix name (uname command)
write --really Writes the configuration changes to non-volatile memory of the device. Saving to non-volatile memory (write command)

To use the commands, establish a connection to AQT530.