Configuring ASCII CSV data sending - AQT530

AQT530 Configuration Guide

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The ASCII CSV output mode is an alternative to AQT530 Modbus API. It is a simplified measurement monitoring output for users that are only collecting data, without the ability to control and monitor the AQT530 device otherwise.

The comma-separated values (CSV) output is sent automatically every 60 seconds. The output contains 1 measurement from all measurement outputs on one line and with a timestamp. The output data does not contain validity or device health information.

  1. Establish a connection to AQT530.
  2. Set the RS-485 interface to ASCII CSV mode.
    set rs485_mode=0
    set rs485_baud=115200
    set rs485_databits=8
    set rs485_parity=n
    set rs485_stopbits=1
    write --really
    • Port settings: 8N1 (8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit)

    Data sending starts automatically after selecting the mode.

  3. Close the local RS-232 maintenance connection.
You can view the data through the RS-485 connection. For example, if the RS-485 port is connected to the serial port of your computer, the ASCII CSV data is available there.