Configuration overview - AQT530

AQT530 Configuration Guide

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You can do the operations listed in the following table using a local connection with CLI commands and/or remotely over the Modbus interface.

Table 1. Overview of configuration operations
Action CLI command and parameter CLI reference Modbus register addresses
View measurement data meas Printing measurements and changing measurement output unit (meas command)
  • 0000h ... 000Ch (gas values in ppb with linear correction)
  • 0066h ... 006Bh (gas values in ug/m3)
  • 006Ch ... 0075h (gas values in ppb without linear correction)
Configure Modbus interface set
  • rs485_mode
  • rs485_addr
  • rs485_baud
  • rs485_databits
  • rs485_parity
  • rs485_stopbits
Configuring Modbus interface
Change temperature unit (°C/°F) set tempunit Changing temperature unit 001Ch
Adjust linear correction set
  • co_zero
  • co_span
  • no_zero
  • no_span
  • no2_zero
  • no2_span
  • so2_zero
  • so2_span
  • h2s_zero
  • h2s_span
  • o3_zero
  • o3_span
  • pm1_zero
  • pm1_span
  • pm25_zero
  • pm25_span
  • pm10_zero
  • pm10_span
Adjusting linear correction 0086h ... 0097h
Set system time date Setting date (date command) 0057h ... 005Ch

See Setting up system time over Modbus interface

AQT530, base module, LPC, and HMP identification (read-only) show
  • serial
  • sw_ver
  • hw_ver
  • model
  • unit
  • cal_date
  • base_serial
  • lpc_serial
  • hmp_serial
  • hmp_version
lpc --info
Printing LPC information (lpc command)

Modbus device identification:

  • Model
  • SW version
  • Sensor model
  • Serial number
  • Calibration date
  • Hardware version

Modbus registers:

  • Calibration date: 0013h - 0015h
  • Base firmware version: 004Fh -0053h
  • HMP firmware version: 0054h - 0056h
  • AQT serial number: 00B4h - 00B7h
  • HMP serial number: 00B8h - 00BBh
  • LPC serial number: 00BC - 00BFh
  • LPC firmware version: 00F4 - 00F8h
Get ug/m3 converted values meas --metric Printing measurements and changing measurement output unit (meas command) Modbus register addresses are available for both metric (ug/m3) and parts per billion (ppb) values
Reset device reboot --really Restarting device (reboot command) 00FAh

To use the CLI commands, establish a local maintenance connection to AQT530 over RS-232.