Troubleshooting - AQT530

AQT530 Configuration Guide

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If the product does not work as it should, check all cables and connectors.

Check the maintenance needs.

If the failure persists, contact Vaisala technical support.

Table 1. Troubleshooting AQT530
Problem Probable cause Remedy
Measurement failure or irrelevant data values. The settings are incorrect. Contact Vaisala technical support.
There is a hardware failure.
No response to any commands. Wiring is wrong. Check the wiring.
Operational power is not connected. Check the operating voltage.
Baud rate or other serial property of the device is different from the host. Connect the serial cable and check the serial port settings of the device with a terminal program.
No response to Modbus query. RS-485 wiring is wrong.

Do the following:

  1. Configure human-readable ASCII CSV report, see Configuring ASCII CSV data sending.
  2. Verify that ASCII CSV report is sent every 60 s to RS-485 port.

    If data is not coming through, change the wiring of pins 5 and 6. See M12 pinout and wiring.

  3. Configure original Modbus mode (Modbus RTU or Modbus ASCII) back to the device, see Configuring Modbus interface.