Checking the RS41 LED light - MW41 - RS41-D - RS41-SG - RS41-SGM

RS41-SG and RS41-SGP User Guide

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After preparing the radiosonde for the sounding, check the radiosonde status by checking the LED light on the radiosonde cover.

When the green LED light is steady, the radiosonde is ready for the release. The LED light will switch off automatically after the launch.

Table 1. RS41 LED lights
LED Meaning
Blinking green

The reconditioning of the humidity sensor and sensor checks are in progress and/or the radiosonde is not receiving GPS signal. To receive the GPS signal, take the radiosonde outside with line of sight to GPS satellites.

Steady green
  1. The radiosonde is ready and works fine, determined by the radiosonde in-built diagnostics. The diagnostics cover, for example, temperature and humidity sensors.
  2. GPS satellites are detected. Once GPS signal has been found after radiosonde start up. The LED may start blinking again due to possible GPS blind spots (for example, inside a balloon shelter), indicating that you must take the radiosonde outside with line of sight to GPS satellites before launch.
  3. The telemetry from RS41 is working.
Even though the radiosonde LED light is steady green and the telemetry is working, it does not indicate that the sounding software receives data from the radiosonde. Check from the sounding software that the sounding software receives the data.

Error. Check the sounding software for any error messages.