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RS41-SG and RS41-SGP User Guide

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This document provides information for operating Vaisala Radiosonde RS41-SG and RS41-SGP, referred to as RS41 in this manual. For information on the sounding software, see the appropriate sounding system documentation.

In this manual, RS41 refers to Radiosonde RS41-SG and RS41-SGP, unless otherwise mentioned. RI41 refers to both RI41 and RI41-B, unless otherwise mentioned.
Table 1. Manual versions
Manual code Date Description
M211667EN-H March 2022 Updated with Operating environment information. Added a new parachute type, Totex 280V-17, for soundings with small balloons.
M211667EN-G May 2018 Updated images for the improved cover version of RS41.
M211667EN-F June 2017 Updated for the improved cover version of RS41.