Overview of preparing a sounding - RS41-SG

RS41-SG and RS41-SGP User Guide

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You must carry out the pre-launch steps as instructed and always in the same way.
  1. Unpack and fill the balloon.
  2. Prepare the optional sounding accessories.
  3. Unpack the radiosonde and the unwinder. Attach the unwinder to the balloon. See RS41 Unwinder Quick Guide for illustrations.
  4. Prepare the radiosonde with the ground check device.
  5. Attach the radiosonde to the unwinder.
  6. Launch the radiosonde balloon.
  7. Monitor the sounding with the sounding system. See the sounding system documentation for more information.
The following sections include information on preparing the radiosonde for the sounding with Ground Check Device RI41. Radiosonde RS41 can also be prepared with Ground Check Device MWH322. For further instructions, see the appropriate sounding system documentation.