Lithium battery-related precautions - RS41-SG

RS41-SG and RS41-SGP User Guide

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Take the following precautions when handling lithium batteries:

  • Do not place the lithium battery in fire or apply heat to the battery.

  • Do not pierce the battery with nails, strike the battery with a hammer, step on the battery, or otherwise damage the outer casing.

  • Do not subject the battery pack to strong impacts or shocks.
  • Do not expose the battery to water or salt water, or allow the battery to get wet.
  • Do not disassemble or modify the battery. The battery contains safety and protection devices which, if damaged, may cause the battery to generate heat, rupture or ignite.
  • Do not leave the battery in direct sunlight, or use or store the battery inside cars in hot weather. Doing so may cause the battery to generate heat, rupture, or ignite. Using the battery in this manner may also result in shortened life expectancy and loss of performance.
  • Never short circuit, reverse polarity, disassemble, damage, or heat the battery over 100 ºC (212 ºF). If an exposed lithium battery does not start on fire, it will burn even more violently if it comes into contact with water or even moisture in the air.
  • DO NOT SPILL WATER ON A BURNING BATTERY. A fire extinguisher must be used.