Filling the balloon - RS41-SG

RS41-SG and RS41-SGP User Guide

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These balloon-filling instructions are based on Totex balloons, but they also apply to other meteorological balloons.

  1. Connect the side tube of the filling balance to the pressure reducing valve on the gas cylinder (or hydrogen generator) with a flexible plastic hose.
  2. Select the nozzle which best fits into the neck of the balloon.
  3. Load the additional weights that are needed to obtain the required lift, for example, Vaisala Filling Balance FB13 weights as in the figure below.
  4. Secure the neck of the balloon to the balance nozzle with a clamp as shown in the figure below. Look out for sharp objects near the filling balance so that no damage is caused to the relaxed balloon.
  5. Turn on the gas from the pressure reducing valve. Let the gas flow slowly into the balloon. Do not leave the balloon-filling shed while inflating the balloon. Follow the balloon manufacturer's instructions when inflating the balloon.
  6. When the balloon is sufficiently filled, in other words, the balloon just raises the gas nozzle, close the gas valve.
  7. Before removing the balloon from the gas nozzle, tie the neck of the balloon tightly above the balance nozzle with approximately 0.5 m (2 ft) bit of string.
  8. Remove the balloon from the gas nozzle.