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Prepare the salt solutions according to the following instructions. The required amounts are given in grams and milliliters. Measure the salts carefully if you do not use the ready-dosed packages.

  1. Take the calibrator out of the box and place it on a clean, even surface.
  2. Remove the transit cover of the salt chamber.
  3. Remove the chamber lid from the chamber holder and put it aside.
  4. Press the transit cover on the chamber holder.
  5. Pour the required amount of ion exchanged water into the salt chamber.
    • LiCl: 12 ml
    • MgCl2: 3 ml
    • NaCl: 10 ml
    • KCl: 10 ml
    • K2SO4: 10 ml
  6. Sprinkle the contents of a salt package (or measure the required amount of salt 1) in small quantities into the chamber, stirring constantly.
    • LiCl: 15 g / 18 ml
    • MgCl2: 30 g / 30 ml
    • NaCl: 20 g / 15 ml
    • KCl: 30 g / 30 ml
    • K2SO4: 30 g / 20 ml

    When measuring with the measurement cup, make sure that the cup is clean and dry. Rinse and dry the cup after every use.

  7. When all the salt has been sprinkled into the chamber, the saturated salt solution should have a ratio of 60 … 90 % undissolved salt to 10 … 40 % liquid.
  8. Close the salt chamber with the chamber lid.
  9. Fasten the salt chamber on the holder in the base plate and close the measurement holes with rubber plugs.

    The chambers can also be used individually, without the base plate.

    The rubber plugs have three steps, each of which is suitable for a certain hole diameter: the first step for the 12 mm (0.47 in), the second step for the 13.5 mm (0.53 in), and the third step for the 18.5 mm (0.73 in) hole. Keep the holes always closed when not calibrating.
  10. Write the preparation date on a sticker and use it to mark the chamber. If you use a ready-dosed salt package, use the sticker with the batch code. Mark all parts of the salt chamber (chamber, chamber lid, and transit cover) with stickers. This way, the lids/covers and different salts do not get mixed.
  11. Allow approximately 24 hours for stabilization before use so that the salt solution reaches the equilibrium humidity.
If you do not use the instrument for a longer period of time, close the chambers with the transit covers.
1 The liquid volumes given in ml are approximations. Vaisala recommends that you use the masses when measuring the salts.