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Figure 1. Optional transit bag for HMK15. You can easily transfer HMK15 from one place to another. Two O-rings seal the transit cover on the chamber. The optional transit bag helps to transport the calibrator so that the chambers stay in vertical position. The bag can also be used for housing the calibrator during calibration.

When transferring the calibrator from one place to another:

  1. Place the protective sleeve on the thermometer and place it in the thermometer holders.
  2. Replace the chamber lids with transit covers. Press the chamber lids on the vacant chamber holders for transportation.
  3. Place the calibrator so that the chambers stay as upright as possible. This way, very little salt solution gets on transit covers and cleaning is easier.

    The closer the transportation temperature is to the temperature of the calibration site, the shorter the time required for temperature stabilization. If the transportation temperature is below +18 °C (+64 °F), the LiCl salt chamber should be transported separately to keep the solution warm.

  4. When the calibrator has been transported to the calibration site, remove the transit covers and fasten the chamber lids on the salt chambers.

    Close the holes with rubber plugs.

    The plugs have three steps, each of which is suitable for a certain hole diameter: the first step for the 12 mm (0.47 in), the second step for the 13.5 mm (0.53 in), and the third step for the 18.5 mm (0.73 in) hole. Keep the holes always closed when not calibrating.
  5. Clean the transit covers with a damp cloth and press them on vacant chamber holders.
  6. Take the thermometer off the holder, turn the sleeve the other way around and perform the calibration.