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The calibrator comes with a thermometer containing red capillary liquid, and a factory calibration certificate by the thermometer manufacturer. 1

Figure 1. Using thermometer sleeve. You can use the sleeve at the end of the thermometer's protective tube in two different positions. The thermometer is delivered with the sleeve protecting the part containing the capillary liquid (left image). When you turn the sleeve the other way around (right image), it acts as an adapter when the thermometer is inserted into the 13.5 mm (0.53 in) hole in the chamber lid.
Figure 2. Inserting thermometer. During calibration, the thermometer is inserted into the 13.5 mm (0.53 in) hole of the chamber lid. Press it downwards until it passes the O-rings. The thermometer is correctly in place when you can feel a resistance while pressing it downwards.
Figure 3. Using thermometer holders. When the thermometer is not in use or the calibrator is transferred from one place to another, place it in the thermometer holders.
1 When adjusting temperature readings, Vaisala recommends using a mercury thermometer for its superior accuracy and stability compared to a thermometer with red capillary liquid.