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AQT530 Product Description

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AQT530 data is sent over the RS-485 interface. By default, AQT530 outputs data in the Modbus RTU format. The Modbus interface is an application programming interface (API) for remote connection to AQT530 using the Modbus protocol.

The maintenance connection is established over the RS-232 interface and you can use that, for example, to adjust the RS-485 parameters or change the data output format. For this purpose you need the USB maintenance cable. The commands are typed in the command line interface (CLI) locally at the site.

Alternatively, AQT530 outputs data in ASCII CSV format over the RS-485 interface. ASCII CSV format uses the same physical channel as Modbus format, so only one format can be used at a time.

Table 1. AQT530 data connection specifications
Property Description/Value
Data output

Modbus® ASCII, Modbus® RTU, ASCII CSV

Serial data interface RS‑485
Maintenance interface 1 RS‑232

For details about Modbus ASCII, Modbus RTU, and ASCII CSV, and use of CLI, see AQT530 Configuration Guide (M212572EN).

For details about using RS-232 for the maintenance connection, see AQT530 Setup Guide (M212573EN) and AQT530 Maintenance Guide (M212580EN).




1 Recommended Vaisala USB maintenance cable kit (253163SET).