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AQT530 Product Description

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AQT530 is intended for outdoor use.

For the most reliable measurements choose a site that represents the conditions that you wish to measure.

Table 1. AQT530 location requirements
Requirement Description
Power supply lines Available at site, device takes 10 - 25 V DC
Communication lines Available at site, according to used communication method
Free space

Avoid installing the device next to trees or other vegetation.

Large amounts of insects may also obstruct airflow to the device.

The device makes a buzzing noise during particle measurement as part of its normal operation. Consider this in urban environment when placing the transmitter.

Away from heat Avoid mounting the device to direct sunlight or near other heat sources.
Away from radio and electric disturbance Avoid mounting the device close to high-powered radio transmitters or weather station antennas. Make sure that power lines or generators cannot affect the performance.
Radio communication device If you use a radio communication device, such as Vaisala Edge Gateway EGW501, install it to a different height and at least 1 m (3 ft) from the air quality transmitter.
Figure 1. Location requirements