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AQT530 Product Description

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The measured variables have been configured to AQT530 at the factory.

Gas measurements are updated once a minute. The particle measurement update interval is user-configurable with a default of 10 minutes.

Table 1. AQT530 measurements
Measurement Unit Update interval Reported value
Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) ppb, μg/m3 1 minute
Carbon monoxide (CO) ppb, μg/m3
Ozone (O3) ppb, μg/m3
Nitrogen oxide (NO) ppb, μg/m3
Particulate matter PM10 µg/m3


Default: 10 minutes

1-minute average
Particulate matter PM2.5 µg/m3
Particulate matter PM1 µg/m3
Air temperature °C/°F 1 minute Instant
Air pressure hPa
Humidity %RH

For unit conversions and other details, see AQT530 Configuration Guide (M212572EN).

Stabilization period

The stabilization period is relevant for AQT530 devices that have the gas measurement.

When AQT530 is switched on, let the unit stabilize before using the measurement results. The stabilization time depends on usage conditions, but typically 3 - 5 days in enough to ensure optimal performance.

The units take measurements during the stabilization period, but the measurements from the first 24 hours after power-up are marked as invalid.