Hood heater operation check - LT31

LTEH211-230 and LTEH211-115 Installation Guide

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With the enhanced weather protection hood LTEH211, the operation check differs from the standard procedure described in LT31 User Guide (M210667EN).
Freezing spray

LTEH211 his equipped with an ambient temperature switch in the power cable. The ambient temperature switch switches on hood heaters automatically when the ambient temperature drops below +5 … 10 °C (+41 … 50 °F).

To enable operation check for the hood heaters, you must make the ambient temperature switch on the heater power if the environment temperature is above +5 °C (+41 °F) . Before you check if the heaters are operational, use freezing spray to cool down the ambient temperature switch.

The following figure shows the position of the ambient temperature switch in LT31 before final assembly. The measurement unit and junction box cover are not installed.
Figure 1. Ambient temperature switch