Mounting enhanced weather protection hood on new LT31 - LT31

LTEH211-230 and LTEH211-115 Installation Guide

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To keep the site activities as easy as possible, make these preparations before transporting the items to the installation site.
  1. To prepare the measurement units, open the measurement unit carefully by loosening 4 hex-socket screws (size 5), remove the cover with air duct.
  2. Cut the cable tie used as a transportation lock and remove it.
    CAUTION Pay attention not to damage the module cables.
  3. Install the new measurement unit cover plate with adapted air duct (delivered with the enhanced weather protection hood).
  4. Close the measurement unit carefully.

    Pay attention to the position of the cover seal. Tighten the measurement unit cover screws firmly to prevent the ingress of dust or moisture during operation in the field.

  5. Install LT31. Follow installation instructions in LT31 User Guide (M210667EN) until the installation of weather protection hoods.
  6. To install the enhanced weather protection hood assembly, mount the weather protection hood and tighten the screws (4 pcs).
  7. Route the connection cable of the heaters inside the support unit corner towards the back of the support unit where the blower is.
  8. Perform the electrical connection of the hood heater.
    WARNING Death or serious injury may occur. Make sure the AC (mains) power is switched off.

    Open the small junction box located near the blower system to access the terminals.

  9. Route the heater cable inside the support unit and through the cable feedthrough.
  10. Connect the wires.
  11. Tighten the cable feedthrough and close the junction box cover carefully.
  12. Proceed with the installation and pay attention to the horizontal alignment of the support units and the vertical alignment of the transmitter and receiver masts.

    Use the sight hole in the rear plate of the support unit together with the sight hole in the horizontal plate to check the alignment of the support units. Make sure they are exactly towards the position of the opposite measurement head.

    Make sure the support unit is aligned exactly towards the opposite LT31 mast. The correct alignment is required to avoid any shadowing effect on the measurement light beam.
  13. Before installing the white measurement head covers on the receiver and transmitter, install the bird spikes provided with the extended protection hoods on the extended protection hoods.