Finalizing extended hood installation - LT31

LTEH211-230 and LTEH211-115 Installation Guide

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Before installing the white measurement head covers on LT31 receiver and transmitter, you must install the bird spike provided with the extended protection hood.
  1. Remove the old bird spike.
  2. Attach the bird spike delivered with the enhanced protection hoods to the white measurement head cover with the provided screws.
    Remove the ball nut from the standard bird spike. Attach it to the end of the bird spike delivered with the enhanced protection hood.
  3. Perform final alignment.

    See the section on final alignment in LT31 User Guide (M210667EN).

  4. Perform calibration.

    See the calibration instructions in LT31 User Guide (M210667EN).

  5. Switch on the AC (mains) power.

    See the instructions on switching on LT31 system in LT31 User Guide (M210667EN).

  6. Perform the startup procedure.

    See the instructions on the startup procedure in LT31 User Guide (M210667EN).