Serial Line Mode Commands - GMP251 - GMP252

Relay Box for GMP250 Carbon Dioxide Probes Quick Guide

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Only serial mode commands related to relay operation are presented here. For other serial mode configuration options, see the User Guides of the GMP251/252 probes.
Table 1. Smode Command
Syntax Description
smode<cr> Shows the current start-up operating mode of the serial line.
smode [mode]<cr> Set serial line start-up operating mode. The new mode is taken into use when the device is reset or powered up. Note: only use the RELAY2 option.

Available modes:

RELAY1 = Voltage output channel: do not use for relay control with the GMP250 relay box.

RELAY2 = Set analog output channel 2 (current) to relay control: use only this option with the relay box.

Example (set serial mode to "RELAY2" (channel 2 current output)):
smode RELAY2
Serial mode : RELAY2