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Vaisala Surge Protector WSP150 is a compact transient overvoltage suppressor designed for outdoor use. It can provide overvoltage protection for 2 power supply lines and serial communication (RS-422, RS-485, RS-232) or for 2 mA loop lines. It can be used with:
  • WXT530 Series
  • WMT700 (non-heated)
  • WA15 Wind Set
  • WM30 Wind Set
  • DSC211
  • DST111

Other instruments or serial communication lines can be protected if the current consumption is less than 1.5 A. A nearby lightning strike can induce a high-voltage surge not tolerable by the integral surge suppressors of the instrument. Additional protection is needed in regions with severe thunderstorms, especially when long line cables (> 30 m (98 ft 5 in)) are used.

Vaisala recommends using a surge protector in installations on top of high buildings or masts and on open grounds, and in all sites with an elevated risk of a lightning strike.

The surge protector provides additional filtering for blocking the HF-conducted interference induced into the cables in installations.

The surge protector has 4 channels: 2 dedicated for power lines and 2 for data lines. Each channel uses a 3-stage protection scheme with gas discharge tubes, voltage-dependent resistors, and transient zener diodes. Both differential and common-mode protection is provided for each channel: across the wire pair, against the operating voltage ground, and against earth.

WSP150 has a weather-proof IP66 plastic housing with metal reinforcement. You can mount it on Ø 30 mm … 102 mm (1.18 … 4.02 in) pole masts with the provided adjustable mounting clamp. WSP150 has 4 cable glands. Two cable glands are for cable branching and chaining in tower installations when common data and power lines are shared by several devices.

Figure 1. Operating Principle