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WSP150 Quick Guide

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You can mount WSP150 on a wall or to a boom, with 2 screws inserted to the lowermost through-holes behind the cover fixing screws. If you enter the screws from the rear, no nuts are needed. You can use the M4 threads in the holes.
  1. Disconnect all live voltages.
  2. Attach the unit to the mast close to the protected device with the adjustable mounting clamp. Set the steel strip beneath the latch at the back of the enclosure
  3. Fix the steel strip around the pole mast. You can shorten the strip to a suitable length.
  4. Attach the strip ends to the fastener and secure the unit to the mast by tightening the fastener screw.
  5. Open the 4 plastic screws and remove the enclosure cover.
  6. Enter the line cable through the left side cable gland and make the wiring to the line terminals.
    For best shielding from RF interference, bend the output cable shield over the plastic sleeve and O-ring and tighten the line cable gland carefully.
  7. Enter the device cable through the right side cable gland and make the wiring to the device terminals as shown below. Carefully tighten the device cable gland.
  8. Reattach the enclosure cover with the 4 plastic screws.
  9. If the mast (or its surface or base) is poorly conductive, use a grounding wire. Connect the wire end to the crimp connector provided in the plastic bag. Fix the connector with the M5 nut and washer to the grounding screw at the enclosure's rear upper left corner.
    CAUTION To minimize surge induction to the cable, make sure the device cable is short. Ground the unit through the mast or with a 16 mm2 (AWG 5) copper wire from the grounding screw to true earth (lightning ground).