Troubleshooting - HMT130

HMT130 Quick Guide

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Table 1. Error Codes, Descriptions and Texts
Code Description Error Text
1 Probe T measurement error Probe T meas
2 Probe RH measurement error Probe RA meas
3 Probe communication error Probe communication
4 Probe checksum error Probe checksum
5 Probe message form error Probe message form
6 Program's flash checksum error Program code checksum
7 Current settings checksum error (RAM) Settings checksum
8 Factory FLASH not initialised Factory defaults empty
9 User FLASH not initialised User defaults empty
10 Voltage is too low to operate correctly Voltage too low
11 Measurements not available Measurements not available
12 Oscillator fault bit active HW fault 1
13 Analog output quantity invalid Analog output quantity invalid
14 Display quantity invalid Display quantity invalid
15 Invalid relay setting Relay quantity invalid