Reconnecting sensor cables - BWS500

BWS500 Upgrade Guide

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You can skip this procedure if you do not have AQT530 or GMP252 in your installation.

WXT530 cabling does not require any changes. Make sure that WXT530 is connected to EGW501.

In Beam Weather Station, AQT530 and GMP252 are connected to the gateway using separate adapters. If you have these sensors in your installation, you must reconnect the sensors using the new cables and adapters.

  1. To power down the station, disconnect PSU501 power supply cable from EGW501 and the USB‑C cable from your computer.
  2. Disconnect the AQT530 and GMP252 cables from EGW501.
    Figure 1. Cable connections in Beacon and Connected Compact Station
  3. Insert an adapter (CBL211374) to the green connector in EGW501, and connect the sensors.
    • AQT530 to A
    • GMP525 to B
    Figure 2. Cable connections in Beam Weather Station
  4. Connect PSU501 cable to EGW501.
  5. Connect the USB‑C cable from EGW501 to your computer.