Updating WXT530 configuration - BWS500

BWS500 Upgrade Guide

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To update WXT530 settings, upload the wxtascii.wxc file to the sensor.
  1. Start Vaisala Configuration Tool.
  2. If the Vaisala Configuration Tool does not connect automatically, select File > Connection Setup and configure the serial port connection.

    Use the serial port where WXT530 USB cable is connected to and the following port settings: 19200, 8 , none, 1.

  3. In Vaisala Configuration Tool, select File > Profile Manager.
  4. Select Change Folder and locate the folder where you have the wxtascii.wxc file.
  5. Under Profile files, select wxtascii and Write to Device.
  6. Close Vaisala Configuration Tool.
  7. Disconnect the service cable from WXT530 and your computer.
    Support the transmitter while pulling the 4‑pin M8 connector for service port. The connection is tight, and it is possible to change the alignment of the transmitter if you pull too hard.
  8. Reconnect WXT530 cable to EGW501.