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BWS500 Upgrade Guide

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To upgrade your Beacon Station or Connected Compact Station to Beam Weather Station, consider if you want to:

  • Continue using the same sensors or add new sensors
  • Continue using Vaisala cloud for data collection or start sending the observations to your own data collection system (both options are possible at the same time)
  • Continue using the Vaisala SIM card or start using your own SIM card

The process is as follows:

  1. (If you have AQT530 or GMP252 in your installation) Order new cables and connectors for AQT530 and GMP252.
  2. (Optional) Order new sensors with the necessary cables and adapters.
  3. (If you have AQT530 in your installation) Update AQT530 settings.
  4. Activate EGW501/DMU801, if not already activated.
  5. Update EGW501/DMU801 firmware.
  6. Upload Beam configuration to EGW501/DMU801.
  7. (If you have AQT530 or GMP252 in your installation) Reconnect AQT530 and GMP252 to the gateway using the new cables and adapters.
  8. Enable the sensors in the configuration.
  9. (If you have WXT530 in your installation) Update WXT530 firmware and settings.
  10. (If you want to use your own SIM card) Configure the new cellular connection and replace the Vaisala SIM card with your own SIM card.
  11. (If you want to send the observations to your own data collection system) Configure the BWS500 PODS‑MQTT interface.
  12. (Optional) Install the new sensors.