Necessary items for upgrade - BWS500

BWS500 Upgrade Guide

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Table 1. Necessary items for upgrade
Item Purpose Ordering

If you have AQT530 installed:

  • New cable for AQT530 (CBL211374)
  • Adapter for AQT530 cable (the same adapter is used for both AQT530 and GMP252) (CBL211364)
  • AQT530 service cable kit (253163SET)
Connect existing AQT530 to Beam Weather Station and change AQT530 address for Beam. Contact Vaisala.

If you have GMP252 installed:

  • New cable for GMP252 (CBL211375)
  • Adapter for GMP252 cable (the same adapter is used for both AQT530 and GMP252) (CBL211364)
Connect existing GMP252 to Beam Weather Station. Contact Vaisala.

If you have WXT530 installed:

  • WXT530 firmware file version 3.67 (WXT530_hex_v367.hex)
  • WXT530 settings file (wxtascii.wxc)
  • WXT530 Loader (WxtLoader_105.exe or WxtLoader_105_win32.exe)
  • WXT530 USB service cable and Vaisala configuration tool (220614)
Update WXT530 firmware for Beam and change WXT530 communication protocol.

Order 220614 from

Contact Vaisala for the firmware file, settings file, and WXT Loader.

Activation code for DMU801 inside EGW501 Access the maintenance Web User Interface for updating the software and configuration. The activation code was delivered with the station in Accessing Maintenance Web User Interface (M212555EN).
DMU801 software version 2.7.1 or later Update software for DMU801 inside EGW501. Contact Vaisala.
Beam configuration file 2.7.1 or later Update configuration in DMU801. Contact Vaisala.
New sensors (AQT560, DSC211, DST111, GMP252, or WXT530) (optional) Add new sensor to Beam. Contact Vaisala.
New SIM card (optional) Replace Vaisala SIM card. Customer-provided.