Updating WXT530 firmware - BWS500

BWS500 Upgrade Guide

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Perform the firmware update locally through the service port. Remote connection, RS‑232, RS‑485, RS‑422, or SDI‑12 are not supported.
  1. Disconnect WXT530 cable from EGW501.
  2. Connect the WXT530 USB cable to the WXT530 service port.
  3. Extract the WXT530 firmware package to your computer.
  4. Start WXT Loader.
  5. If the device does not connect automatically, select Configuration > Serial port and configure the serial port connection.

    Use the serial port where WXT530 USB cable is connected to and the following port settings: 19200, 8 bit , none, 1 bit.

    To save the changes, select Close Configuration.

  6. In Overview, under File to upload, select the firmware file (WXT530_hex_v367.hex) from your computer, and Select.
  7. When the status is Connected to device, select Upload to upload the new firmware to the sensor.

    When the upload status is 100 %, the firmware update is completed and WXT530 is in ASCII (CLI) mode.

  8. To close the program, select Exit.