Enabling and disabling sensors - BWS500

BWS500 Upgrade Guide

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To take a new sensor into use after the initial configuration, install the sensor and enable it in the Web UI. The sensor parameters to be enabled are located in the features parameter group.

If a sensor is malfunctioning, you can disable it in the configuration to stop the related error messages.

Table 1. Sensor parameters
Before adding a new sensor after the initial configuration, make sure that the station provides enough power for the sensor.
AQT_1 Vaisala Air Quality Transmitter AQT530 or AQT560
DSC_1 Vaisala Remote Road Surface State Sensor DSC211
DST_1 Vaisala Remote Road Surface Temperature Sensor DST111
GMP_1 Vaisala Carbon Dioxide Probe GMP252
SNH_1 Geolux Snow Level Sensor LX‑80S
WL_1 Vega Water Level Radar Sensor VEGAPULS C 23
WXT_1 Vaisala WXT530 Series Weather Transmitter
  1. In the Web UI, go to Settings > Station parameters.
  2. Under the parameter group features, locate the parameter of the sensor you want to enable, for example, WXT_1 for WXT530 Series Weather Transmitter.
  3. To enable a sensor, set the Active value of the parameter to on.
  4. To disable a sensor, set the Active value of the parameter to off.
  5. To save the changes and take them into use, select Save and restart script.