Choosing installation location - PR53 - PR53W

PR53W Installation Guide

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Follow these instructions when choosing the correct installation location for the process refractometer. The correct location ensures that the prism stays self-cleaning and that the lifecycle of the device is not decreased.

Plan enough space around the refractometer for installation, maintenance, and removal.
  • If the temperature varies along the process pipe, select the position with the highest process temperature. This minimizes the risk of prism coating, because higher temperature means higher solubility and lower viscosity.
  • If the process pipe diameter varies, select the position with the smallest diameter (and highest velocity). This keeps the prism cleaner.
Table 1. Recommended mounting locations
Location Notes Image
Vertical pipes
  • There are no excess gas bubbles or sediments damaging the prism.
  • When the process is emptied, no process liquid remains on the prism.
Horizontal pipe (pipe side)
  • Use horizontal pipe installation only if there are no other options.
  • Do not install on the top or bottom of the pipe.