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The PR53 inline refractometer is an instrument for measuring liquid concentration in the process line. The measurement is based on the refraction of light in the process medium, an accurate and safe way of measuring liquid concentration.

Figure 1. Refractometer equipment
Vaisala Polaris™ Process Refractometers
Interconnecting cables
Vaisala Indigo520 Transmitter (optional)

The inline process refractometer (1) measures the refractive index (RI) and the temperature of the process medium. Using a pre-defined concentration model, the refractometer uses the measurement data to calculate the concentration. The output value can be read directly from the refractometer through the configurable integrated analog output channel, or through the Modbus RTU interface. Alternatively, it can be connected to the optional Indigo520 (3) transmitter using the interconnecting cable (2).

Indigo520 is a configurable transmitter, containing 4 configurable analog output channels, 2 binary contact control relays, Modbus TCP/IP output, a web server and a graphical touch panel display. The current values and trend data can be read from Indigo520, which also contains a local data logger. One or two refractometers can be connected to one Indigo520 transmitter. For service purposes, the PR53 refractometer can be connected directly to an Indigo80 handheld indicator, or to a PC using a USB adapter and Vaisala Insight software.