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PR53W Installation Guide

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Mechanical specifications

Table 1. Mechanical specifications
Property Specification
Wetted parts
Prism and sapphire plate Sapphire monocrystalline, 99.996 % Al2O3 1
Valve body lining ETFE 1
Prism gasket Modified PTFE 1
Valve body gasket PTFE 1
Process gasket Kalrez W240UP 1
Valve body M10 stud EN 1.4404 (AISI 316L) 1
Non-wetted parts
Valve body Cast iron 1
Housing EN 1.4404 (AISI 316L)
Screws TX20, torque 2.0 Nm EN 1.4404 (AISI 316L)
Cable 4×21 AWG PUR, gray 10 m multistrand, with ferrules

Flame-retardant acc. to IEC 60332-1-2, FT1, VW1

Electrical specifications

Table 2. Inputs and outputs
Property Specification
Operating voltage 24 V DC nominal (9–30 V DC)
Power consumption Less than 1 W
Protection class 3, PELV
Output parameters RI, temperature, concentration, quality factor

Image detection: outside light error, no optical image, no sample, prism coated, prism coated persistently, outside light to prism, low image quality

Process temperature measurement: temperature measurement fault

Concentration calculation: concentration out of range, temperature out of range

Internal environment: high internal temperature, high internal humidity

System: blank image corrupted

Analog outputs

Sourcing, isolated, NAMUR NE 43, configurable

mA range 3.8–20.5 mA
Loop impedance Max. 600 Ω
Accuracy of analog outputs at +20 °C ±0.1 % of full scale (±0.00002 RI)
Digital outputs
Digital output RS-485, non-isolated
Maximum cable run 300 m (approx. 1000 ft) (digital)
Supported protocol Modbus RTU
External connectors

1 × M12 F 4 pins, A-coded 2

2 × M16×1.5 cable gland, Cable D 5–10 mm / Adapter for conduit entry M16×1.5 3/ NPT ½"

Environmental specifications

Table 3. Operating environment
Property Specification
Process parameters
Process temperature

–10 … +130 °C (+14 … +266 °F)

Operating pressure 10 bar
Operating environment

Storage temperature

−40 … +65 °C (−40 … +149 °F)

Operating temperature

−40 … +60 °C (−40 … +140 °F)

Maximum operating altitude

2000 m (approx. 6500 ft)

Operating humidity

0–100 %RH

Storage humidity

0–100 %RH, non‑condensing

UL 50E (NEMA) rating

Type 4X: Dust-tight. Protected from corrosion and hose-directed water.

IP rating

IP66: Dust-tight. Protected from powerful water jets from any direction.

IP67: Dust-tight. Protected from the effects of temporary immersion in water under standardized conditions of pressure and time.

1 Manufacturer's declaration included
2 For USB2 adapter and Insight software, see
3 Conduit hub is not compatible with PR53 Safe-Drive system