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Quality levels

Table 1. Quality levels
Level Description
0 Typically for range checks done at the data source (for example, weather station) for a parameter.
1 Typically for cross-checks made between different parameters in a compound observation. May also include more sophisticated (for example, climatic, time of year) range checks.
2 Typically for time series checks on a short history of recent observations.
3 Typically for spatial checks between the observed station and its neighbors.
4 Typically for manual intervention.

Quality values

The quality value indicates if the measurement value passes the quality control checks that are performed for each measurement when they arrive to the service. The following values are used.

Table 2. Quality values
Quality Value Description
ACCEPTED 8500 Measurement value accepted by the device and the quality control check (8000 ... 8999).
SUSPICIOUS 6500 Measurement value considered to be suspicious by the device or quality control check (6000 ... 6999).
REJECTED -8500 Measurement value rejected by the device or the quality control check (-8977 … -8000).