Connecting Digi IX20 modem to viewLinc Enterprise server - viewLinc 5.1

Connecting Digi IX20 modem to viewLinc Enterprise Server Technical Note

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viewLinc 5.1
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Technical note

This document describes how to connect the Digi IX20 modem to the viewLinc Enterprise Server for use as an SMS modem. The modem can be connected to the server using a serial or Ethernet connection. Administrator access to the viewLinc Enterprise Server is required.

For detailed configuration and installation instructions of the Digi IX20 modem, see the user manual found on the website.
It is important to note that the Digi IX20 modem is factory-configured to be a cloud product, so you must take extra preliminary steps to ensure that the modem does not connect to any third-party cloud services during setup, maintenance, or operation:
  • When configuring your Digi IX20 modem, follow the Using the local web interface instructions (found in the Digi IX20 User Guide), which require you to connect to the device using the ETH2 port. Do not use the Digi Remote Manager.
  • Disable all internet gateway and Digi cloud service connections. (These are enabled by default.)
SMS modem messages are limited to 70 characters in length. Message length can increase if your network supports longer SMS messages.