IP routing example - AWS810-SOLAR

AWS810 Solar Edition Configuration and Maintenance Guide

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The following example shows how to configure DMU801 to use the Ethernet interface eth0 for communicating to private subnet

Without the routing rule, DMU801 attempts to communicate to the network through the modem interface, which will fail.

You can only add an IP route for an interface with a static IP address.

To create a new route:

  1. In the Web UI, go to Settings > Network.
  2. In eth0, select Add new IP route.
  3. Set the following:
    Destination network IP address
    Destination network or device address.
    Subnet prefix length
    Number of network bits in Destination network IP address.
    Gateway address for connecting to the destination network or device.
    Route metric
    Route metric value according to which the routing decisions are made. If 2 or more active network interfaces that have routing entries with equal subnet length define access to the destination network, the one with the lower route metric value will be used.
You can see a table of the created IP routing rules in Settings > Network > IP routes.
1 In the table, ppp = modem.